Welcome to MP Industrial Plastics MBIP specialise in the Stock, Supply and Delivery of a wide range of quality plastics. Our products range from simple Sheet Material to Cladding and Industrial Pipework. MBIP have a simple business strategy, to supply a quality product, at a competitive price when the customer requires.
Polyethylene Products

LDPE Extruded Sheet with a smooth finish is available from stock in natural. Featuring soft and highly flexible characteristics making it an ideal choice in areas such as packaging, orthopaedic and car industries.

HDPE (PE 300) Extruded Sheets are manufactured predominantly with a smooth surface. Available from 1mm to 50mm as standard, HDPE is a highly versatile product. PE300 is easily welded and machined with a temperature range from -20°C to +90°C. PE300 is a popular choice for many applications including construction, leisure and food industries.

HDPE (PE 300) Extruded Rod is available from stock in natural and black. HDPE rod compliments our sheet range adding to the list of applications possible. With good chemical resistance, temperature range and machinability this adaptable product suits many applications.


HDPE (PE 300) Extruded Weld Rod is available in coils in a range of profiles. We are pleased to take enquiries for custom made profiles, however minimum order quantities may apply.

HDPE (PE 300) Extruded Hollow Rod is offered as an alternative to solid rod, reducing machining time and waste.

HDPE (PE 300) Extruded GEHR Profiles are offered as an alternative to fabricating parts from sheet, saving time. These profiles are available in black.

UHMW (PE 1000) is a pressed product with a planed surface to both sides. Predominantly stocked in natural, black and green, PE 1000 is known mainly for its improved abrasion resistance over PE 500.The unique properties of polyethylene make UHMW an important product for most wear applications.

PE2, PE4 (PE 1000 regenerated) is a pressed product with a planed surface to both sides. It is a cost effective alternative to PE 1000 virgin grade. It is widely appreciated that this grade offers similar performance levels as virgin grade PE 1000, however PE 2, PE 4 offers few guarantees to its ongoing performance under technical applications.

PE 1000 Ram Extruded Rod is stocked in natural and black. Used in a multitude of applications, this popular product boasts high abrasion resistance with excellent all round versatility.


PE 1000 Wearstrip is available in coil form. Stocked in two thicknesses and a range of widths, this product is specifically manufactured to service guides on conveyor machinery applications.

PE 1000 Anti-Static (PE 1000-AST) is a pressed product with a planed surface to both sides. With improved electrical conductivity, ≤106 (standard grades ≥1014) this product has an important use where there are concerns over surface static charge. As well as offering the detailed press sizes there are a number of other sheet permutations available on a short leadtime, making otherwise uneconomical cut panels affordable.